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Breakaway glass - History

Development of breakawayglass

In the past glass- or ceramic imitates in movies or shows which hit directly the body of the actor where created out of sugar. But since more than 30 years sugar for professional effect glass was replaced by new kinds of special developed synthetics.

Benefits of breakawayglass

Breakawayglass holds many benefits compared to candyglass:

The danger of harming with splinters or shards is significantly less. Also sugar would block the natural healing process of the body. If you got harmed you had to consult a doctor - and even then the wound did not heal without leaving a scar.

Candyglass also has a yellow/brown tone and did get hazy after a short time.

Other disadvanteges of using sugar are that there could only be produced in small sizes, and products like bottles, mugs, glasses, bowls could hold water only for a short amount of time because the product itself would liquefy.

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